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Superheroes or Villains? Let Data Decide!

superheroes vs. villains

Data science tells us that the Game of Thrones has been beating several television viewership records by garnering as high as 10.1 million viewers for the premiere episode alone of Season 7. Honestly, we are not even surprised anymore. We have accepted that ‘Winters’ are here to stay (sadly, one last time). Data tells us that people are easily hooked to fantasy content like the Harry Potter series, the Batman series, and GOT, of course.

So we decided to dig deep into the fantasy world where superheroes battle evil powers and usually emerge victorious (at least until the sequel). Needless to say, we had no allies by our side other than the mighty data. We used data to find about the popularity of various superheroes and equally sought-after supervillains.

Batman continues to occupy the top spot across the globe. Probably because the character is relatable! Iron Man and Superman are among the other ‘good guys’ that the world likes to see putting the evil ones to death.

The Joker, on the other hand, continues to remain a mass favourite when it comes to the nefarious characters featured in superhero movies/comics. We suspect the flawless portrayal of the role by the legendary Heath Ledger has a huge role to play here.

Who wins the war on social media? 

This time we scanned the social media to find out who is the most loved superhero and villain in the virtual world. And the results were almost similar! While Batman and The Joker occupied the respective top spots, Superman and Catwoman showed up second on the list.

Superman emerged as the second most popular superhero in the virtual world with 23% votes, coming close to Batman’s 30% votes. However, the Joker established that no one can easily overshadow his popularity. The second name on the Supervillain list managed to garner less than half of his total percentage of votes!

Others on the Superheroes list included Spiderman, Iron Man, and Wolverine. Magneto, Lex Luthor, and Phoenix (Jean Grey) occupied the remaining spots on the Supervillains list.

Interestingly, the last round revealed a juxtaposition. The Avengers was the clear winner of the most popular superhero comic/film sweeping 70% of the votes. However, the creator of the same, Marvel lost the battle to DC Comics, which was favoured by close to 60% of the audience on social media.

Who is your favourite superhero/villain and why? Tell us in the comments section.

Note: This blog is sourced from an article released by Mashable in 2013. So it does not feature several latest popular superhero characters like Deadpool and Wonder Woman.


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