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Industry Expectations from Data Science

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Manipal Global recently conducted a panel discussion on Industry Expectations from Data Science at the second induction ceremony of the data science academy. Naveen Yeri, Head of Consumer Risk Advanced Analytics, Wells Fargo; Anshu Sharma, Senior VP and Head of Technology Infrastructure, Vodafone India Limited; and Dr. Prashant Pradhan, Watson Business Leader, IBM India were some of the eminent panellists who participated in the event.

As the discussion proceeded, there were about 100 budding data scientists with eyes full of hope looking towards the panel.

PPL – People, Passion and Learning

Ramabhadran A P, Senior Vice President, Manipal Global Education Services, highlighted that the potential of the education industry is still not discovered. Yes, education industry’s potential lies in PPL – People, Passion and Learning. This is an industry that learns more and more out of people interactions. Data Science is no different! Two data sets interact with each other and arrive at conclusions. All you need to do is add passion to your data science knowledge and you are there!

Anshu spoke about the importance of tools in data science. Yes, tools are important, but even more important is your “sense of judgement”. She rightly said “What sets one data scientist apart from another is the context in addition to your sense of judgement.”

There are various roles in which one can join the data science industry – Data Analyst, Data Architect, and Data Engineer, Data Visualizer, Artificial Intelligence Expert or several other roles. What really matters is the value you add to this role.

Data Storyteller or Data Artist

Prashant talked about how students start ring-fencing themselves in a particular role. Don’t do that. Learning cannot be in silos. If you want to become a stellar data scientist you need to learn continuously. Build your storytelling ability, which will help you upward in your career.

In fact, like Prashant said “Consciously train yourself on muscle memory of storytelling. Become a data storyteller or actually a data artist.” A true data artist uses his intuition, adds expertise from his domain and derives value from data without immersing himself in data to solve some of the biggest problems of humanity.

Enhanced Customer Experience

As per Naveen, industries today, especially banking, are working in silos when it comes to data. With the growing customer-centricity how will you leverage data to give your customers a better experience altogether? You have to learn to link data to deep dive and draw meanings from it to improve the entire banking customer experience altogether. So when you pursue your data science program don’t be worried about titles and projects. What you should strive for is how will you use your knowledge to increase the bottom line and enhance the customer experience altogether?

4 V’s of Data

Data has 4 V’s – Volume, Velocity, Volatility, and Value. Organisations are based on the volume of data. Young data scientists can learn to create and access data and handle the velocity of data. After some years of experience, data scientists can also handle the volatility of the ever changing data and draw meaning out of it. But you can add value only when you find out ways to solve the common problems of mankind using data science. Learn the basics, use your common sense and then choose your domain. Learn to tell a story with your data.

Data Science is all about storytelling. Storytelling is simplicity. Add your individual style to it. Be true to yourself and MGADS will help you become a true data scientist.


Manipal Global Academy of Data Science offers cutting-edge learning solutions in the field of data science. MGADS faculty comprises of academicians, data science experts, and IT professionals to guide you in today’s competitive environment. If you are keen on becoming a data scientist, MGADS will equip you to do the same.

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