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Data Science Induction Program – Class of 2018

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. The Induction Program of the second batch of the PG Diploma Program of Manipal Global Academy of Data Science commenced on these inspirational lines. With close to 100 enthusiastic students attending the event, and experts from the industry present to guide them, it was expected to be a successful event and that’s what it turned out to be!

Here’s more on what followed:

Lamp lighting ceremony

Divya Haria, Deputy Manager for Manipal Global Academy of Data Science, welcomed the students and the guests followed by lamp lighting by Ravi Panchanadan, President and COO, Manipal Global Education Services, Sameer Dhanrajani, Chief Strategy Officer, Fractal Analytics, and Ramabhadran A.P, Senior Vice President, Manipal Global Education Services.

Welcoming the audience


Ravi Panchanadan then addressed the audience throwing light on the evolution of technology. He mentioned that we are presently a part of Industry 4.0, which is all huge step ahead from the era of Industrial Revolution (2.0) and Super Computers (3.0). Industry 4.0 showcases the power of the internet and has opened new doors for several industries.

Getting to the root of the issue, he mentioned the scarcity of trained data science professionals and the growing demand for them, which is expected to hit huge numbers in the next few years. Ravi highlighted Manipal Global’s role in bridging the demand and supply gap in the field. He expressed his joy about the second batch of the PG Diploma Course getting a stupendous response from data science enthusiasts. The first batch of the program saw 30 students successfully enrolling for the course, while the number this year has grown three-fold – close to 100.

Keynote address

Sameer Dhanrajani. Chief Strategy Officer, Fractal Analytics commended Manipal Global for its tremendous feat. However, he also mentioned that the need of the hour is to aim to increase this number significantly to meet reduce the paucity in the industry.

Data science is a new and emerging area, so there is a lot of untapped potential in the field. Data is undoubtedly the new oil with digital being the new currency. He stated how data is changing things not just all around the world, but even as close as in your own city.

However, he mentioned that it is incorrect to expect data to do anything for you; you have to make it work. Algorithm is the secret sauce for an organization today. Algorithms are presently being used to expand industries, but they will soon start deciding the economies as well. He then delved deep into what algorithms are doing for businesses today – Mr. Algorithm (in the form of a bot) may soon be a part of the board room and will probably start determining the whole evolution of an organization.

What’s in store for the students?


Dr. Ramesh Babu S, Director, MGADS then took over the stage giving an overview of the course. He recalled that last year at this time things were a lot different and today MGADS is proud to have created a compelling program attracting data lovers from all over the nation. The course has been created with inputs from industry experts and subject matter experts. The focus of the course is not just to help professionals get a good job, but to shift their career in data science.

Next, the program took an interesting turn with Dr. Ramesh and Ramabhadaran A. P collaborating for a quick question and answer session where Ramabhadaran represented the students and passed on their doubts to Dr. Ramesh, who then cleared their queries.

Several valid and interesting questions were raised by the students. One of the learners appeared stressed about the fact that he has been running his own firm as a Chartered Accountant, but is now planning to learn about data science to tap into its potential. He wanted to know how will he adjust being around young learners with probably no working experience, or how will they accept him as one of them. Another learner wanted to know if his non-tech background will act as a disadvantage compared to other students. Dr. Ramesh cleared all the doubts of the students and assured all of them that with the right skills, attitude and problem-solving ability, none of them have to worry about being left out in the race.

Panel discussion

Next up as the much-awaited panel discussion where Naveen Yeri, Head of Consumer Risk Advanced Analytics, Wells Fargo, Anshu Sharma Raja, SVP and Head of Technology Infrastructure at Vodafone India Limited, Dr. Prashant Pradhan, Watson Business Leader, IBM India and Ramabhadaran A. P discussed the industry expectations from data science. Arvind Thothadri, VP – Digital Solutions, Manipal Global Education Services was the moderator of the discussion.

They explained that there is not a single value conversation we are having with the clients today, which does not include data science. If your product or service is not powered by data science it is not future-proof. Prashant Pradhan also mentioned how data science professionals are more of data artists and how the field is full of emerging opportunities.

The event was certainly a milestone for the Academy as it was well-received and perfectly exhibited all that the students will learn in the next eleven months.


Manipal Global Academy of Data Science offers cutting-edge learning solutions in the field of data science. MGADS faculty comprises of academicians, data science experts, and IT professionals to guide you in today’s competitive environment. If you are keen on becoming a data scientist, MGADS will equip you to do the same.

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